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Victorinox Swiss Army Watches - A Buyers' Guide

!±8± Victorinox Swiss Army Watches - A Buyers' Guide

As the first Swiss Swiss boxcutter of her most famous a century ago, have gained a worldwide reputation for quality, design and precision. No wonder that this heritage must be for a good cause made by the Army Victorinox Swiss watches in hand. Just watch as the right to bear the name "Swiss Army" by the Swiss government, these watches are really worth it to preserve their heritage.

With a reputation and a wide range of luxuryWatches to choose from, it might be difficult to decide which clock is best for you. This article will define each of the Victorinox collections available and explain the differences and help you make an informed decision when buying.
Victorinox watches

The range of Victorinox watches at the time of writing are divided into three main categories, as follows:

Active Collection Classic Collection Professional Collection

Each of these collectionsworks, is specific to a particular audience and lifestyle that will help you before, you should be on your way to an objective decision.

Active Collection

As the name suggests, the collection is fashion for the AD action. The Clock Victorinox is robust and rigid, while clinging to the roots of precision and exudes an unmistakable style that is constant over the Swiss Army watch. If you want to see a quality that you can wear all day, in a positionpermanent, what you throw at it, the active collection for you.

Active collection of Victorinox watches includes the following areas:

Base Camp ST collection Night Vision Convoy Chrono

Each of the fields in the Active collection distinctive characteristics that separate them from each other. If you are looking for a specific function, then the clock on for your collection is likely to have!

Base Camp have the clocks on the technical design andreadability, a double locking safety clasp, these watches are designed for durability and functionality. ST-have collection of rotating compass rose, indicating North, East, South and West together with stopovers in increments of 15 degrees, ideal for any keen hiker.

Victorinox Night Vision Watch modules have low power consumption LED lighting for the stairs, the signal and the strobe feature, if you're probably wearing the watch in a state of darknessGo out on a night out caving this watch will be very useful. Convoy Chrono watches feature a tachometer and a chronograph watch for 30 minutes, 60 seconds and 1:10 seconds for those who need more information than the average.

Each of these watches is expected the same high quality construction by Victorinox, while the degree of lasting everyday use.

Classic Collection

The Classic collection can only be described as a thoroughbred sports car. With crisp, cleanFeatures and a stylish look of these watches are true Victorinox classic sports. With a choice of leather strapped watches and clocks are available in stainless steel band, there will be a clock in the Victorinox Classic collection for all tastes.

The classic collection of watches Victorinox includes the following areas:

Summit XLT Infantry Maverick II Alliance 1884 Officers Ambassador SSC mechanical SSC Automatic Chrono Vivante Ladies Watch ManChrono Classic Watches

The differences between the fields of the Classic Collection are mostly cosmetic, with some added features on some models, such as an alarm.

Some areas, like hands and hour markers characteristic Summit XLT, lunettes and triple locking safety clasp. Several faces are also available, and the men of the infantry has a hardened mineral glass face, making it less susceptible to damage and a sapphire crystal face has been applied in severalAreas such as Chrono Classic.

Particularly noteworthy is the second time zone on the section of infantry, and the alarm feature on Maverick II. Against more expensive end of the range, the SSC Automatic Chrono watches, to use the "Self-winding mechanical movement with automatic winding -. Or automatically - no manual winding watches need, like this through the use of the kinetic energy of motion of the arm the vector is reached.

With its traditional and innovativeDesign features and distinctive design of the dial, each of these Victorinox watches are really for the modern man with impeccable taste and their demand for better quality.

Professional Collection

The Professional Collection is toward more high-tech oriented individual with lots of mechanical watches with automatic movement, transparent back. Many of the watches and chronographs Victorinox professional sports one or more.

The professional collection of Victorinox watchescovers the following areas:

Dive Master 500 Airboss Seaplane ChronoPro Airboss

The divemaster 500 watches diving watches are pure, water resistant to 500m. The watches are designed for aviation Airboss of mind and is aimed at this audience more.

Final Thoughts

The clocks in these collections are all high quality expected by Victorinox constructed and then ultimately up to you - the customer. The characteristics andFeatures included in each area will still make your decision easier.

Victorinox Swiss Army Watches - A Buyers' Guide

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