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History of Seiko Watches

!±8± History of Seiko Watches

The story is fascinating from Seiko and dates back to 1881. The original name was "Hattori K.", it was a watch and jewelry industry, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. In 1917, the company is incorporated and was named "K. Hattori & Co. Limited. In 1892, he added, looking at their titles with a different name, called Seikosha.

In 1969 Seiko came out with the quartz Astron. This was the first quartz wristwatch of all time. Seiko to set the standard for revolutionizingDevelopment of advanced clocks and watches. Seiko has been innovative in developing several other types of state-of-the-art, clocks and watches. Their success rate is not measured and the trend continues today. In 1983 the company changed its name to cry again. "Hattori Seiko Company Limited in 1990, the company changed the name" Seiko Corporation "and the name was changed in 2001 when it was renamed ', Seiko Holdings Corporation. "

Seiko watch is equipped with twoStudies for a total of 240 skilled craftsmen, among the 19 Masters.

Seiko brand

The watch brand Seiko makes a variety of different types of clocks, watches from everyday life, sports watches, clocks and more elitist and elegant for evening or special occasions. These watches are all very well done and can take up to an eternity. Buy this watch brand is worth any amount of money that a consumer decides to spend. Seiko watchesin the price of fifty dollars to $ 500,000 55. This is the most expensive Seiko watch Credor GBBX998 JURI, has sold for $ 554,000. The Seiko watch is less expensive than the Duchess, it sells for about $ 45.00.

Seiko watches for women

Look at the women are on top of Seiko: Seiko Watch SXD691 Couture, pink mother-of-pearl face and diamond Seiko Couture SXD692 women, mother-of-pearl face and diamonds, ladies Seiko diamond accent SUK008 Couture, SeikoSXDA38 Couture Women Couture Diamond Watch Diamond Watch and Seiko Lord SXGN25. These are just some of the great women's watches, Seiko bears.

Seiko Men's Watches

Top Seiko watches: Seiko Sportura Alarm Chronograph SNA549, Seiko Sportura Retrograde Chronograph Mens Watch SPC003 Seiko Sportura Kinetic Chronograph Men's Watch SNL043P2, Seiko "Black Monster" Automatic Diver 200m SKX779K1 and Seiko "Orange Monster" Automatic Dive WatchSKX781K1. It does not end here, there are many other watches to choose from.

Seiko watches have been around for over 100 years have been, and during that time, continue to make some of the finest quality timepieces in the world. Over the years have always pushed the envelope when it comes to what can be achieved through continuous research and hard work. Seiko watches are synonymous with quality, style, reliability and durability. These watches are never out of fashion, and are oftenpieces of great conversation, great for the cause of their attractiveness. All the time and effort in the processing of these exquisite and elegant watches are very useful. Look for the Seiko brand, when he made one of the best watches in the world.

History of Seiko Watches

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